• Terms & Conditions

    Please read all these terms and conditions.

    These are the terms that govern your participation in the Employee Experience Bootcamp (hereafter referred to as EEB) organised by Associação Portuguesa de Psicologia das Organizações e Comportamento Organizacional (APPOCO) and the Master of Human Resource Management and Organizational Consultancy. The EEB is an initiative from students of the Master program mentioned above (hereafter the organizational team will be referred to as OT).

    By registering or buying a ticket for the EEB you expressly accept all terms and conditions, which form a binding legal contract between the OT and the registered participant. If you are registering by a form or buying a ticket for another person to attend the EEB it is your responsibility to make sure that the registered participant is aware and agrees with these terms and conditions. By completing the registration on behalf of another individual, the OT has the guarantee that the registered participant was aware and accepted these terms and conditions.
    These terms and conditions are applicable from October 1st 2017.


    1. Terms of payment
    The OT provides professional tickets for the EEB through the website http://www.employeex-bootcamp.com/. The website generates an automatic e-mail sent to the e-mail address mentioned in the registration with payment information. You will have 24 hours to transfer the payment and send the proof to info@employeex-bootcamp.com. After the OT accepts the participation and confirms the payment, you will receive an e-mail from the OT with a form for further personal information. Only then your registration will be complete. Furthermore, the OT will send you an invoice to your personal e-mail.
    The ticket for professionals is 195€ until the 15th of December (inclusive) and after that date 295€. If professionals buy three tickets at once, you will receive 10% discount. Students (who are enrolled in a Bachelor, Master or PhD program in the year 2017/2018), will receive after registration, an e-mail from the OT. Students who participate in the event, will receive an e-mail with payment information. You will have 24 hours to transfer the payment and send the proof to info@employeex-bootcamp.com. Only then your registration will be complete. The ticket for students is 25€ until the 15th of December (inclusive) and after that date 40€. Both, professional and student registration fee includes the admission to the conference, the sessions and meals (lunch and coffee breaks). It does not include travel, accommodation and transfers.

    2. Transferable Tickets

    The tickets are transferable until a maximum of two weeks before the EEB: 25th January. After that date, tickets are non-transferable and reimbursements won’t be possible. A participant can give his ticket to another person by communicating it to the OT and registering the corresponding substitute. In case a student wants to transfer his ticket to a professional, the corresponding difference between a student ticket and a professional ticket should be paid to the organization. (considering the date when it was purchased: early bird/standard).


    3. Cancellation by participant
    The participant has the right to cancel his/her participation. The OT has to receive an e-mail (info@employeex-bootcamp.com) with the cancellation by the participant. Until one month before the EEB the participant will receive 50% of the registration fee reimbursed. After that date the registration fee is non-refundable.


    4. Cancellation by OT
    Despite the OT’s full commitment to deliver the advertised agenda to the participants, circumstances beyond the OT’s control can arise, which might change the EEB (not only but possibly the name, content, date or location). Such circumstances may come from legal requirements, institutional orders, failure of partners suppliers and failure to register the minimum number of participants for a specific event. You agree that the OT is not responsible for any expenses which may arise for you as consequence of any change in the advertised agenda. If the OT cancels the EEB, tickets will be refunded.

    5. Identification information
    By registering to the EEB and accepting these terms and conditions, you give full rights to the OT to collect and store any mandatory and voluntary information for processing ticket sales and compiling database. The OT will not share your identification information with third parties without your permission. In case you accept to share your e-mail with our partners, you concede us the right to share that information with our third parties for any kind of purpose. In case you give permission to post your name and position as a part of the EEB participants confirmed on the website, your name may appear on the website without compensation for it.

    6. Exclusion
    The OT has the right to refuse the registration of any participant without explanation. Due to the payment process, in case a professional is refused, the full fee will be reimbursed.


    7. Conclusions provisions
    The OT will not be liable for any loss injury or damage to any person or property in the EEB (except personal injury in case of negligence by the OT). By attending the EEB you allow the OT and their partners to record, film and photograph you at any time. The OT has the right to use these films, audio recordings and/or photographs of the event in any media without further approval from you and without making any payment whatsoever for publicity advertising, trade or promotion purposes. By attending to the EEB you waive your intellectual property rights to any photographs taken and/or published in a manner described above.
    If any part of the terms herein shall be considered unlawful, void or any reason unenforceable, then that section shall be deemed to be severable from these terms and shall not affect the validity and enforceability of any of the remaining sections of the terms and conditions. The OT reserves the right to change any of the Terms and Conditions at any time and without previous notice.

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