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How to improve the Employee Experience in your organization?

At the moment only 13% of employees worldwide are engaged. Unbelievable right?

Fortunately there is an increasing trend to care about changing this fact and creating workplaces where people feel happy and engaged. Obviously, this trend is pushing Human Resources’ role to change and become more strategic. HR now have the responsibility towards developing what is called an Employee Experience, where the employees are observed as clients that should have an enhanced customer experience in every point of interaction from start to end.

Why the Employee Experience matters?

1. Impacts Performance: There is an increasing amount of research showing the connection between employee engagement and performance. Boosting the organizations’ results is up to employees more than ever and there are clear negative effects of having a disengaged workforce. Nowadays, an organizational culture that boosts innovation and a motivated workforce that delivers a great customer experience are essential for keeping a competitive advantage.

2. Competition for talent is intensifying: companies need to differentiate themselves in order to attract and retain talent. Due to globalization and technology the market has a higher demand for highly skilled employees and it is easier to change jobs which creates a bigger war for talent.

3. Increasing transparency: technology is allowing employees to easily share their experiences with the world. An example is the new online platform Glassdoor, where anyone can search for jobs in a much more informed way, checking companies’ references and evaluations from its employees. Conclusion? Employer Branding and talent attraction is more about focusing on the current employees’ experiences than you may have thought.

How to improve the Employee Experience in your organization?

1. Get informed by checking out some up-to-date useful reports:

2. Come to the Employee Experience Bootcamp in Lisbon, on the 8th of February 2018.

This is a revamped and innovative event where HR professionals and business leaders will embrace discussions, use design thinking methods to build action plans and shape the future of workplaces.

Author: Diana Oliveira, Project Manager at Employee Experience Bootcamp

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