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Building the Employee-centric HR with Service Design Thinking

by TI People

TI People together with the co-creation group of Beiersdorf, Bertelsmann, BMW, Boehringer Ingelheim, Bosch, Cisco, Deutsche Bahn, Leoni, Merck, Roche, and Tetrapak have co-developed the first online tool for customer experience and design thinking in HR. It combines the concept of customer experience of HR (CxHR) with the best practices of these companies in design thinking, customer journeys, personas, touch points and experience design.

Service design thinking (or doing!) is a relative newcomer to the world of HR yet brings a great pedigree of success and proven business benefits from the Customer-facing world. No other approach to HR innovation or process redesign holds as much potential to directly drive Employee Experience and shape HR’s contribution to Employee Engagement.
The method is intuitive and engaging for HR teams, does not require massive investment, promotes lower cost to serve and supports one of the major reasons why most HR professionals chose an HR career path in the first place: ‘to help people’.

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