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5 Reasons to Come to the Employee Experience Bootcamp 2018

8th February 2018 | Lisbon

1. Not Sure How to Convince Your Organization Of The Relevance Of The Topic?

We will bring highly recognized experts to talk about their research and facts on Employee Experience that you need to get your organization to put your employees first.

Besides, we are also building a short ebook with the most relevant content on Employee Experience so that all participants take home the up-to-date insights.

2. Not Enough Time to Be Creative and Come Up with Innovations?

We offer you the time and the playground you need to allow your imagination to go to places where is has never been before. You will be part of discussion-based sessions that were designed by experts to exchange ideas and build solutions. Guided by experienced facilitators from the area, you will use design thinking methods to build perfect experiences.

3. Are You Missing Successful, Practical Examples on How to Apply What You Read?

Involve yourself in our community, with like-minded and proactive individuals, that will share their own stories, best case practices and great tips.

4. Are You Looking Forward to Increase Your Connections With Like-Minded People?

This time, you don’t need to rush during meals to find the right people to talk to.
We designed the event to be full of networking opportunities, starting with highly interactive sessions, team buildings and a gallery for a full 1-hour networking.

5. Would You Like to Explore One of the Most Charismatic and Vibrant Cities in Western Europe?

If you are travelling to Lisbon for the event, take advantage to explore this amazing city. It is full of authenticity, where old customs and ancient history intermix with cultural entertainment and hi-tech innovation. According to Startup Europe, Lisbon is the San Francisco of Europe. It aims to be one of the most creative and innovative cities in Europe.

Join the workplace revolution at the Employee Experience Bootcamp:

Author: Diana Oliveira, Project Manager at Employee Experience Bootcamp

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